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Laws or Acts of Parliament By Volume Revised Edition 1992

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Volume 7 ("P" Chapters 304-360)

No. Title of Act Year Volume Chapter Revision
1Parish Boundaries Act187373041992
2Partition Act189573051992
3Partnership Act188873061992
4Passengers Act190873071992
5Patents Act190673081992
6Pawnbrokers Act189873091992
7Pension (Non-Establish Government Employees) Act196773101992
8Pensions Act194873111992
9Pensions (1959) Act196073121992
10Pensions (Increase) (1947) Act194873131992
11Pensions (Increase) (1953) Act195373141992
12Pensions (Increase) (1957) Act195673151992
13Pensions (Increase) (1969) Act196973161992
14Pensions (Increase) (1975) Act197473171992
15Pensions (Increase) (1980) Act197873181992
16Pensions (Increase) (1982) Act198173191992
17Pensions (Increase) (1986) Act198473201992
18Pensions (Increase) (1990) Act19907320A1992
19Pensions (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act198573211992
20Pensions Gratuities (Parliamentary and Special Offices) Act197973221992
21Pensions Mildred Bailey (Pensions) (1990) Act 19907322A1992
22Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies Incorporation and Vesting Act197273231992
23Perjury Act187373241992
24Pesticides Control Act197373251992
25Petroleum Act194973261992
26Petroleum Industry (Encouragement) Act196373271992
27Pilgrim Holiness Church Incorporation Act193673281992
28Plant Protection Act,1941194173291992
29Police Act195273301992
30Police Pensions (Preservation of Rights) Act194073311992
31Poor Relief Act196173321992
32Port Authority Act197373331992
33Port Authority (Validation of Regulations) Act198573341992
34Post Office Act190973351992
35Post Office Offences Act187873361992
36Praedial Larceny (Prevention) Act195473371992
37Prescription Act188273381992
38Prevention of Crimes Act187473391992
39Prevention of Smuggling Act189573401992
40Prison Act195673411992
41Prison (Extramural Sentences) Act195073421992
42Prisoners of War Act190273431992
43Probates (Resealing) Act193773441992
44Probation of Offenders Act192173451992
45Produce Protection Act192273461992
46Professions Licensing Act198273471992
47Property Tax Act198673481992
48Protection of Animals Act193573491992
49Protection of Depositors Act19917349A1992
50Provincial Elders' Conference of the Eastern West Indies Province of the Moravian Church (Incorporation) Act198273501992
51Provisional Collection of Taxes Act198573511992
52Public Authorities Protection Act191673521992
53Public Health Act195773531992
54Public Holidays Act195473541992
55Public Notices Act190873551992
56Public Offices Act195673561992
57Public Order Act197273571992
58Public Parks Act196573581992
59Public Utilities Act197373591992
60Public Works and Road Act187173601992